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Great Northern Bows - Longbows and Recurve Bows

Great Northern Bows

All Great Northern bows are designed with the bowhunter in mind. We refuse to sacrifice smoothness, stability, or pointability for a few more feet per second. Our bows are balanced and make fine hunting partners.

Through the years Great Northern bows have evolved into efficient hunting weapons. From our longer Traditional Longbow, to the more recent and compact Lil' Creep and our Ghost and Super Ghost recurve bows- each and every one is hand crafted with meticulous attention to detail and built to last a lifetime, or two.

We take a lot of pride in our work and we hope you'll agree that it shows. Our best recommendations come from bowhunters already shooting our bows. We're not comfortable bragging on ourselves, it's not in our nature, so we invite you to try one of our bows today - and see for yourself.


NEW! Fireball Longbow

The Fireball is somewhat of a hybrid...built for MAXIMUM speed yet not giving up any shooting stability. From its long sleek deflexed riser to the highly reflexed limbs with 5" power wedges inserted in the graceful limb tips. The Fireball is easy to tune, quiet, extremely stable, smooth to draw and a pure joy to shoot. More Details...



Ghost Recurve

The original design concept for our Ghost Recurve was inspired by the Glenn St. Charles “Thunderbird” recurve, designed and built in the 1950’s. This sleek, one piece recurve hides amazing speed and smoothness of draw in it’s simple design. Our goal was to design a recurve that departed from the common recurve format. We wanted a slimmer, lighter handling recurve with significantly less mass then standard recurves, a recurve that was quick to handle, delivering the speed recurve shooters expect and enjoy. More Details...



Super Ghost Recurve

The Super Ghost shares the same limb specifications as the Ghost, but features a sculpted, positive placement handle with an arrow shelf that is cut to center, in keeping with what the majority of recurve shooters are accustomed to. The Super Ghost has the same deadly speed and stability of the original Ghost. Both the Ghost and Super Ghost have our 8” “power wedges” in the limb tips which further enhances speed and smoothness of draw. More Details...



Lil' Creep

The Lil’ Creep is the most recent adition to the Great Northern family of bows. You have to love a bow named Lil’ Creep, and you will. It was inspired by our Bushbow and includes design elements from other Great Northern bows. It was originally meant to be used in an enclosed blind, hence it’s length. That, it turns out, was a very limited expectation for this bow. Boy howdy. More Details...



Traditional Longbow

Our Traditional Longbow is Great Northern’s original offering. The Traditional has unequaled stability and the smoothness of draw expected in a fine longbow. With a sleek, narrow limb core which is slightly set back, 1 1/8” wide at the fadeouts and 9/16” at the string nocks, this is an elegant and refined longbow. Customers who enjoy shooting straight limb, deep cored longbows claim that the performance and manners of our Traditional Longbow surpasses most other longbows of this type. More Details...




When bowhunters think Great Northern bows, they often think, Bushbow. The genius of traditional archery is it’s long history of refinement and simplicity, and the Bushbow is a direct descendant of that line. Inspired by the bows of the First Nation peoples of the North American plains, the Bushbow has wide, flat limbs, measuring 1 1/2” at the fadeouts and tapering to 9/16” at the string nocks. The slightly deflexed riser is 16” long and measures 4 3/4” in circumference around the leather handle wrap. The limb tips of the Bushbow have our 5” “power wedges” discreetly inserted in the limb More Details...



Field Bow

The Field Bow is our entry level bow, suitable for serious bow hunting at appropriate draw weights, but also meant for new archers. Available in draw weights from 30# to 45#, there is a Field Bow for almost everybody. These 60”, reflex, deflex longbows have an osage riser with brown glass on the back and belly. More Details...


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